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Kur, The European Spa, is devoted to overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit.

Mini Spa Pedicure $35

 Enjoy a rejuvenating treatment for your feet. Included in this mini-pedicure is an aromatic soak, shaping of nails with attention to cuticles, completed with your nails polished to perfection.​ This pedicure is the perfect addition to any spa service, or spa day.

Spa Pedicure $45

This Spa Pedicure is our most popular foot treatment. Get ready to experience total relaxation! This spa pedicure includes an aromatic soak, shaping of nails with attention to cuticles, massaging of the feet and calves and is finished with your nails polished to perfection.​ 

Deluxe Spa Pedicure $55

This the ultimate Spa Pedicure! If you are looking for a deluxe foot treatment, this is it. Our Deluxe Spa Pedicure includes an
aromatic soak, shaping of nails with attention to cuticles, a hot stone foot and calf massage, foot mask and is finished with your nails polished to perfection.​ 
Classic Manicure $25

This manicure will clean up your nailbeds and nurture your cuticles. Your nails will also be beautifully polished. Choose from our many different polish colors. This isn't just for the ladies either! Our male clients enjoy this manicure and go polish free. 
Regular Polish Change $15

Gel Manicure $45

This is a wonderful addition to any other spa service. This manicure is similar to the Classic manicure with the addition of the Gel Polish application. The gel polish can last up to 2 weeks. It's perfect if you are heading out on vacation or just looking for something to last a little longer.

​​Gel Polish Change $20
"My first experience at European Kur and it was fantastic! Great atmosphere, thoughtful and kind staff and great services. I will definitely return! Great nails with Ms. Lisa and facial was very relaxing!" ~Sherri B.
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Anti-Aging Hand Treatment $12

Your hands are often the first place to show signs of aging. Thanks to this treatment, that won't be the case for you!  

Exfoliating Hand Treatment $10

This treatment will help to smooth out all of the rough areas that can be caused from everyday activities.  
Callus Treatment $10

This is a wonderful treatment for both hands and feet. Constant repetition can cause the skin to build up with uncomfortable calluses. With this treatment, it will help keep your skin from building up those painful areas on your hands and feet.
Parraffin Warm Wax Treatment $15

We use our hands for everything! They get dried out and sometimes even crack. This treatment will help to lock in the moisture to keep your hands soft and supple.